Courters of Chaos

Murder at Lightwatch Tower

The adventure begins unhappily

Our story begins in a little tavern in a village with a name so forgettable that no one remembers what it was. The Courters of Chaos, Angel, Anorak, Bazili, Elreon, and Kos, sit at a table discussing where they should go next to earn some money.

Abruptly a man walks into the bar. He surveys it for a moment, then comes to sit at the table with the CoC. He introduces himself as Rand, and he has a job for them. His caravan, a small two wagon train, needs some guards to reach Skywatch City, and the CoC look like the people for the job. Kos haggles with him a bit, and they agree to help guard the caravan for 50 gold pieces per day. The trip should take a week. Everyone finishes their drinks and begins to prepare to leave.

The first couple days are uneventful. Sleeping under the stars by the side of the road, watching for anything that could attack the caravan, mostly taking it rather easy. After two days they reach their first sign of civilization again, The Balancing Dwarf Inn. It’s a wondrous sight, a dwarven warmachine balanced on top of a massive tree, and retrofitted into a place to stay. The group parks the wagons and heads up to the Inn.

The owner of the Inn, Clive Mattock, is an old friend of Rands. However, he seems very distraught today, and treats them gruffly. Some coaxing from Angel finally puts him more at ease, and he explains his problem. He once had a wife and three sons, but time and misfortune meant only his third son, Randall, still lived, and helped him with the Inn. Randall had been so named after Rand, as a thank you for saving his life not long after he had been born. But now, Randall was missing.

It had been three days now since Clive had seen Randall, and he was worried sick. He had questioned the others working at the Inn, Lawrence Ames, the stableboy, and Grundle, the smith and handyman, incessantly, but with no information from either of them. As he tells the story, Lawrence leaves his post near the door and sneaks out, followed by Kos and Angel.

Meanwhile, Bazili has sat himself at a table with Grundle, being the only other dwarf he’d seen for a while, and wanting some camaraderie. After putting him at ease with stories of his exploits in the army, Grundle opened up to Bazili somewhat. He revealed that Lawrence may know more than he had been letting on about Randall’s disappearance, but refused to elaborate further.

With Kos and Angel following Lawrence, Anorak and Elreon went up to Randall’s room to look for clues. There wasn’t much to see, but they did notice a map on the wall of the nearby church, with an area faintly marked as if for treasure. They noted this before coming back to the common room.

Kos and Angel stealthily crept up on Lawrence a good distance from the Inn, only to find him weeping on his knees. They made their presence known, and gently asked him what was going on. Lawrence admitted that he and Randall had had a relationship, and to keep it a secret they had snuck away to the old church nearby, despite the area being forbidden by Clive. Not long after getting there, they had been attacked by a living skeleton. Randall had frozen while Lawrence had run in fright, and as a result Randall had been run through, killed immediately.

Kos and Angel returned to the common room and explained what had happened to the rest of the CoC. They decided to go and investigate the church to verify the truth of what had happened, while Rand kept Clive occupied.

They arrived at the church to find it patrolled by skeletons. They fought past them and into the church proper, only to be attacked by giant flying spiders from the rafters and a larger skeleton with a jewel embedded on its chest. After driving this skeleton deeper into the church, a young man appeared through a door, claiming to be Randall himself. Everyone took this with skepticism, except Bazili, who was simply overjoyed at the idea that Randall was not dead, and gave him a hug.

This was a mistake, as “Randall” revealed himself to be Yazol the Hag, disguised to mislead them, and striking Bazili with a powerful spell. The group quickly turned on Yazol, and she was forced to flee deeper into the church. They were attacked anew by skeletons, including the one with the gem. After striking the gem on the skeleton, the other skeletons collapsed, obviously driven by the will of this leader.

The group found a trapdoor deeper in the church, and followed it through a tunnel to the hag’s lair, a kitchen of sorts that would be used to summon undead. Yazol had escaped, however she did not have time to take her chest with her, which contained her grimoire and a belt that had once belonged to Randall. The group found his bones in the kitchen, and dutifully took them back to Clive, where a funeral was held, presided over by Angel.

The group found a note from Lawrence, who could not bare the shame of what had happened, and fled rather than explaining to Clive. They brought him the note, and continued on their journey not long after.



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