Priest of the Church of Lathandar


An older man, dressed in priestly robes of Lathandar. Had a kindly smile to disguise his true intent.


After learning of the portal to the Faewilds, the CoC were told by Zifnab to get the Key to the portal from Guntar. Angel and Elreon went to speak with Guntar, and were told the Key was hidden in a cave outside the city, where Guntar would go for private meditation.

After gathering the group and traveling to the cave, they discovered not only had the cave not been used in a long time (longer than the last time Guntar claimed to have used it), but it was filled with ghouls, including a massive pit packed with thousands of the undead. They fled and sealed the entrance as best they could before returning to the city.

Angel and Elreon went to confront Guntar about his apparent betrayal, and found the church empty. After the others joined them, they found a secret passage from Guntar’s chambers which led underground to the warehouse next door. There Guntar was raising undead, in the name of “Lathandar”

Upon being discovered, Guntar attempted to summon Lathandar, and although a figure appeared, it turned on Guntar as soon as Angel recognized it was not truely Lathander. The undead in the room also turned on any nearby, and killed Guntar before the group could do anything.


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